Saturday, August 22, 2009

So They Are Here.

So the kids finally got their new pets....
I know we had posted the names before , but they have chaged.
This is the little boy. His name is Chance. We named him that after much imput from many friends. As you may notice from the pictures that Chance has a perfect little black heart on his side. I never noticed it before, until we got him home and he was sitting with Hunter
Soooo. Chance-- taken from " what is the chance of getting a cat with a heart on his side , considering we are a heart family...."

The little girl who is snuggled up next to Chance , her name is Magic.
She got out of her pen 3 times, LIKE

They are really cute and friendly. The kids are learning ( ongoing ) that they have to move slowly and not scream or they will scare them. They are playing and sleeping really well...
On another note, I am trying once again to potty train Hunter.. But the last two weeks he had an aweful case of the runs.. ( more than likely a rotovirus.)
So I hope that will take off this time. I am sick of diapers....
Health wise Hunter has had croup once, and an aweful rotovirus or bug... But he is still doing well..
He is playing his letters ( alphabet ) that is his favourite toy right now, that and Thomas.
The other kids are finally enjoying some warm weather, we went to the water park a few times.
Next week Hunter goes in for an echo , His first since the fontan.
I will keep you all posted.