Saturday, March 28, 2009

Park Time....

The weather was so beautiful today, Why not go outdoors and enjoy the sun while it is still here.. ( rain and cold weather is on the way!!)

So the I took the boys to the park, and boy did they have a blast. This is the first time we got to go to the park this year!!! And man, was it packed!!

Hunter loved the swings, and really everything... Although the slide he has a love hate relationship with...He ran and ran laughing and playing, he was a little out of breath but not to bad... I think today was a really great day.

Potty time is still a work in progress, He did really well today again.

Hunter's Heart buddy Gavin had his heart cath on thursday, and came home on friday because he was really ill from the general anesthetic (sp?). Unfortunately, today he is ont he way back to the hospital. He has a fever and is not himself. ( not a big deal if isolated) But after a heart cath it could be an issue. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. Hopefully he just has a bit of a bug... ( not great news, but better than some of the alternatives..)

Where did it go???

So the funniest thing happened this morning, or should I say the cutest thing....
As I was sitting downstairs this morning, I heard crying coming from upstairs. Tristian had just got up and was crying very hard. I asked him to come downstairs and tell me what happened..
this is how the conversation went..

me : " Boo, what happened??"

Tristian: " I can't find it, its gone.......!!!!!!!!"

me : " what is gone??"

Tristian: " I had it last night and now it is gone!!"

me : "what did you have?"

Tristian: "MY Whistle, it is gone mom !!"

me-- now laughing and trying not to laugh... " Boo, you didn't lose your whistle.. you just have to keep trying to do it "

SIDE NOTE Tristian learned how to whistle last night and was so excited to be able to do it!!

Tristian " I can't do it mom, it's gone forever!!!"

me" Maybe your lips are still sleeping, we will try to whistle later.."

Tristian " OH........ ok.. "... tears stopped...

That was the sweetest thing ever... He is fine now.. Watching cartoons and eating breakfast....

Have a great day!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Potty Training.

Well I have decided that I wasn't going to push Hunter into potty training, because I fuigure after his next surgery he would probably regress. But, having said that, Hunter is doing great. He has been using the potty every morning and doing LOTS!!! He doesn't always ask to go but when he is on there he is very productive. Sooooooooooo.... Maybe this will be easier than I thought.

He is alot like Tristian, He seems to tell me just after he has gone. But with summer coming and the lighter clothes and being outside, maybe it will come faster than I thought and less laundry
As for Hunter's appoinments coming up in the next month. We have ENT, speech, OT, and a pre-admit day for the cath, and the pre-fontan cath ( which is April 20 ).
Gavin( Hunters heart buddy ) had his cath yesterday and did great from what I hear... ( he is going home today- he had a sick tummy afterwards. ) He seems to ready for the Fontan, ( 3rd open heart ) they are hoping for a summer date.
We are also hoping that once the cath is done we will get the green light, and get the fontan before the RSV season of 2009 starts ( fall..) Not that I want this surgery... But Hunter has to have it, but I guess that it all depends on the surgeon, and when he is going to book it..
Hunter seems to be getting over the virus that hit him last week. Although he did develop croup the other night. He is feeling better and is in a better mood. Don't ask about the sleeping, he still is not a good sleeper.... ( maybe one day that will
I hope that everyone gets out today and enjoys the beautiful spring weather ( 13 degrees ). Maybe a nice walk is in my near future... ( or house work ) we shall see which one wins.
I must go I can smell my homemade lemon poppy seed muffins are done... Maybe a muffin then a walk.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tomorrow, Gavin is going in for a heart cath ( this is one of Hunter's heart buddy ). His link it at the bottom of the page. This will be the pre-fontan cath.

Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

So a game of Leap frog is really a fun game when you are little. Especially when your older brother thinks that you want a piggy back and starts to run around with the little brother on his

Now because Hunter can't get over Tristian, they decided to hop around like frogs. I must say that this was very entertaining. Hunter chasing his big brother around.... Until he gets out of breath, Then mom is trying to get Hunter to sit. Trying to get Tristian to stop running around so his brother can catch his breath. FUN!!!!

Hunter seems to get more and more out of breath these days. A sign that Hunter is getting ready ( or is needing the fontan ). I am noticing too that his hands are more blue than before..

Not right now, but it is coming....

But for now, I am enjoying the boys playing, even with the little one getting out of

Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome To The New Blog.

I have been posting for over two years now on Hunters previous webpage. The link is in the top left hand side of the new blog. This web page was designed by another heart mom, and I really want to thank Erika so much for doing it for me. Especially two years ago I didn't even know how to cut and Also I know she is a busy lady, and I don't want to bother her all the time....Sooooooooooooooo..........

Little lion heart will be used only for Hunter related items now. And it will only be updated when something really important happens, and good news stuff.... eg.. appoinments, news, surgery,caths...

So this new blog. Named "Our Crazy Life ", will be more of our daily stuff, life and other stuff.
It will be more of family stuff , so all of the kids and myself, although I won't be posting many of my embarassing . It will still include Hunter's stuff, but it will include more of Kenzie and Tristian's too...

Feel free to read along, leave comments, and laugh with us, hopefully not to many tears...
I will start posting soon, I have a few things that I want to add to the new blog.

I have added links for a few things, including other Heart friends " Buddies " that also need support, prayers, positive energy whatever you can spare.
If you would like to be added to the list, just send me a link.