Monday, October 18, 2010

Well it is fall already....

( OOPS this picture should have been added further down... )
( the hot tube was after they jumped into the freezing pool)

COLD, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

CRAZY KIDS........... It is 55 degrees..... AAAHHHH!!!!

Mackenzie getting a last chance for the pool, before we closed it..

The water was so cold, he jumped in and out almost in the same second...

Before we closed the pool, the kids wanted to jump in a few last times ( the water temp was 55) that is freaking cold.... ( and No Hunter was not aloud to jump in..Too cold for him ). Tristian was the first... and the way he jumped in , I didn't even think he was going to hit the water.... CRAZY KID .. ( dont worry he hit the water close to the stairs..)... ..

Me and the boyz on Thanksgiving, we are in the barn at a relatives. It was a good
day, but not the nicest weather, we had to call it a day way to early.

Hunter and his "sweetie" best friend, they are so cute

Can I have one of these things for my

These were the duck races ( rubber duck that is.. )

Hunter trying to ring the bell.... ( maybe next year

Tristian had to help Hunter down the first time. Then he wouldn't get off the

This is him going down on his tummy... He thought that is was a hoot not having to go down on his bum.

At the bottom of the slide was a pile of loose hay... He loved it..

Walking throught the corn maze hand in hand.

oh the secrets they tell... But the cuteness is even better... She is whispering into his

Hunter and his best Friend sharing a hug

The kids wanted to see the Cannon shoot pumpkins out into the field.... Here is my attempt to catch a picture of that happening. Well you cann see the smoke and the pumpkin coming out... that is as good as the pictures

Tristian wanting his picture taken, Our nature walk in the woods. What a beautiful day.

Tristian and Hunter doing the brother pose. Notice their hats..... the same ear is sticking out.. So cute...

Tristian being the cool kid doing a photo shoot with I love my kids..

I hope that everyone is enjoying the cool fall weather ( well most of my readers, for those who have hot weather... Must be nice..). We will be going to Great Wolf Lodge next weekend and then it will be Halloween, so hopefully lost of great pictures to come...

Talk soon....


Friday, September 10, 2010

Hunters First Day of JK...

Where has the time gone.... I find myself really bad about keeping up the blog. But on the other hand that could be a good thing, because we are living "normal " for a while...
So Hunter started school today September 10, 2010... I am so excited for him, but myself i want to vomit... I know school will be great but i also know that it will be full of challenges and sickness ( the normal school stuff... ). I dropped him off this morning, as did his big brother Tristian and big sister Mackenzie..

This is Hunter sitting beside one of his new classmates.... he looks happy...

Hunter is showing off his backpack ( lunch pail inside but the He got this for his birthday, which was on Sunday.. He is now 4 years old..... Goodness where has the time gone.???

Hopefully everyone out there is having a good school week.... Stay safe..

Friday, July 30, 2010

Wow.... It has been a while....

Sorry... I didn't realize that it has been so long wince my last post.

So... Good news is that everybody is good, a few colds but nothing major. We are all enjoying the summer in the pool and the hot tub. Well the kids the pool and me the hot

Tristian taught himself how to swim ( since we got the pool), Hunter is learning
Mackenzie is trying to use her arm more.... We are working on that.. The hot tub is manly for working on Mackenzies Leg, it is so stiff lately. The kids are enjoying camp. Tristian had a week of skills camp for soccer and loved it, although I think it was the hottest week so far. Mackenzie had a week of VBS and had fun, now she and T are in regular summer camp...and loving it.

Hunter has his post fenestration check up last week.... and All looks good. Function looks great, and the valve although leaking is no more than normal ( maybe even a little less..!!! ).
So we go back at christmas for a holter just to check all things out then hopefully we go 1 year visits after that.. ( yeah ).. Hunter gets to stop his aspirin , Nov 1 , 2010, then 6 weeks later we go for an echo and a holter, and maybe just maybe he can go off it!! tht would be great.!!!

Well I hope everyone is having a safe and fun Summer talk to you all soon..


Monday, May 3, 2010

Cath Is All done...

Well Hunter had his cath on Friday. I went well, the device is in place and they coiled off a lot of collateral veins ( I mean alot ...) so he rested and freaked out for a while, but he came home friday.. We were told to keep him calm and low activity for a week.!!! ummmmmmmm NOT... This kid has been running around with his head cut off... his o2's are around 95-96 which is good for now. They told us possible as the device is covered with heart tissue it may increase.. So Hunter has 6 months of asa, then he will more then likely come off it !!! YAH!!!

Thanks to al those who sent e-mails, and FB messages , I really appreciated it..

Pictures to come soon.. If I can get him to sit still long enough

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It is a go... Tomorrow we head down to Toronto for Hunter's Pre-op day... all you heart moms out there know what I am talking It is a day filled with lots of waiting around.... because that is the hospital world... X-rays, blood work, Echo, EKG... Can anyone say FUN!!

Then, on Friday as far as I know Hunter will be first case. Hunter is having a cath to close fenestration and check out the Fontan, and look at his jugular stenosis and to make sure everything else is ok... ( which I know it WILL BE!!!!)

So if all my readers , friends and family wouldn't mind saying a prayer or two... and sending some good vibes his way , that would be very much appreciated..

I will try to update as I can..


Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well I should post that Hunter was scheduled for Cath this week, BUt it has been rescheduled for April 30, 2010.
Not for any health reasons just because the doctors are on vacation.
Hunter has been having aweful nightmares for months now, Kinda hoping that they would have stoped by now, But he is constantly screaming all night. I have asked him every time what is happening , but no real answer. I hope that it isn't real pain that he is having when he screams ouch, ouch, help me!! heart wrenching..
Other than that it is the same old same old around here.
Busy with trying to clean the house , and sorting through toys and clothes that we don't
ontop of the everyday stuff I do anyway.. And my dryer broke too!! so now I need to find one of those too ( hopefully on sale..)
Thanks for checking in. ( sorry for any spelling errors.. kinda tired lately )

Friday, March 12, 2010

Well this picture was christmas eve.... kinda blurry.. but you get the idea.

Hunter and Magic playing with the race car set that Santa left for them.

I must say that it was really cool. and Hunter and Tristian thought so too...

This is Hunter with his Major present from us. He was and still is in train heaven.

Hunter and Mackenzie opening presets..

Hunter trying to find a seat Christmas He was so excited he could not sit still.

two lucky boys.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well it has been along time since my last post.... Mostly because my computer would not download any pics..... but finally I have had it fixed, So here are some pics of the family since christmas. ( obviously this one is before we got
Bath time.... Hunter loves his bath

And loves bubbles

And eating snow..... I really have to watch him becuase at every opportunity he is trying to eat snow... at least this was after a fresh snow fall....

the boys building their first snowfort of the year. With slides..
Everyone has been pretty good this winter. Afew ear inefections, a few colds, only a couple of boughts of croup. ( which in most winters Hunter was getting croup about every coupl eof weeks.. )
Hunter is still not sleeping great, but that is really nothing new, he has been crying at night since his fontan. He has had a few echos and everything looks good, so we can't figure it out... he has been crying and saying "ouch, ouch" and grabbing his chest... So yes I have not been sleeping well.. We are wondering if he is having sterum pain ...
But regardless he seems fine. except when he sleeps.
Hunter is scheduled to have his fenestration closed on April 9, 2010. Not really thinking about it, don't need the stress right yet...
Hope everyone is well...... Hopefully It won't be long before I post again...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My bad....

I have been slacking the last little while . HUnter has had his teeth pulled. Tristian is getting ready for some minor surgery.
With that said, We had a great Christmas. Although my camera is doing some weird things and I can't get the pictures on the card to read.... So when I have more time and pictures it will be a long post....
But all is good. ( knock on wood )