Monday, October 18, 2010

Well it is fall already....

( OOPS this picture should have been added further down... )
( the hot tube was after they jumped into the freezing pool)

COLD, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

CRAZY KIDS........... It is 55 degrees..... AAAHHHH!!!!

Mackenzie getting a last chance for the pool, before we closed it..

The water was so cold, he jumped in and out almost in the same second...

Before we closed the pool, the kids wanted to jump in a few last times ( the water temp was 55) that is freaking cold.... ( and No Hunter was not aloud to jump in..Too cold for him ). Tristian was the first... and the way he jumped in , I didn't even think he was going to hit the water.... CRAZY KID .. ( dont worry he hit the water close to the stairs..)... ..

Me and the boyz on Thanksgiving, we are in the barn at a relatives. It was a good
day, but not the nicest weather, we had to call it a day way to early.

Hunter and his "sweetie" best friend, they are so cute

Can I have one of these things for my

These were the duck races ( rubber duck that is.. )

Hunter trying to ring the bell.... ( maybe next year

Tristian had to help Hunter down the first time. Then he wouldn't get off the

This is him going down on his tummy... He thought that is was a hoot not having to go down on his bum.

At the bottom of the slide was a pile of loose hay... He loved it..

Walking throught the corn maze hand in hand.

oh the secrets they tell... But the cuteness is even better... She is whispering into his

Hunter and his best Friend sharing a hug

The kids wanted to see the Cannon shoot pumpkins out into the field.... Here is my attempt to catch a picture of that happening. Well you cann see the smoke and the pumpkin coming out... that is as good as the pictures

Tristian wanting his picture taken, Our nature walk in the woods. What a beautiful day.

Tristian and Hunter doing the brother pose. Notice their hats..... the same ear is sticking out.. So cute...

Tristian being the cool kid doing a photo shoot with I love my kids..

I hope that everyone is enjoying the cool fall weather ( well most of my readers, for those who have hot weather... Must be nice..). We will be going to Great Wolf Lodge next weekend and then it will be Halloween, so hopefully lost of great pictures to come...

Talk soon....