Monday, May 3, 2010

Cath Is All done...

Well Hunter had his cath on Friday. I went well, the device is in place and they coiled off a lot of collateral veins ( I mean alot ...) so he rested and freaked out for a while, but he came home friday.. We were told to keep him calm and low activity for a week.!!! ummmmmmmm NOT... This kid has been running around with his head cut off... his o2's are around 95-96 which is good for now. They told us possible as the device is covered with heart tissue it may increase.. So Hunter has 6 months of asa, then he will more then likely come off it !!! YAH!!!

Thanks to al those who sent e-mails, and FB messages , I really appreciated it..

Pictures to come soon.. If I can get him to sit still long enough