Friday, July 30, 2010

Wow.... It has been a while....

Sorry... I didn't realize that it has been so long wince my last post.

So... Good news is that everybody is good, a few colds but nothing major. We are all enjoying the summer in the pool and the hot tub. Well the kids the pool and me the hot

Tristian taught himself how to swim ( since we got the pool), Hunter is learning
Mackenzie is trying to use her arm more.... We are working on that.. The hot tub is manly for working on Mackenzies Leg, it is so stiff lately. The kids are enjoying camp. Tristian had a week of skills camp for soccer and loved it, although I think it was the hottest week so far. Mackenzie had a week of VBS and had fun, now she and T are in regular summer camp...and loving it.

Hunter has his post fenestration check up last week.... and All looks good. Function looks great, and the valve although leaking is no more than normal ( maybe even a little less..!!! ).
So we go back at christmas for a holter just to check all things out then hopefully we go 1 year visits after that.. ( yeah ).. Hunter gets to stop his aspirin , Nov 1 , 2010, then 6 weeks later we go for an echo and a holter, and maybe just maybe he can go off it!! tht would be great.!!!

Well I hope everyone is having a safe and fun Summer talk to you all soon..