Friday, March 12, 2010

Well this picture was christmas eve.... kinda blurry.. but you get the idea.

Hunter and Magic playing with the race car set that Santa left for them.

I must say that it was really cool. and Hunter and Tristian thought so too...

This is Hunter with his Major present from us. He was and still is in train heaven.

Hunter and Mackenzie opening presets..

Hunter trying to find a seat Christmas He was so excited he could not sit still.

two lucky boys.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well it has been along time since my last post.... Mostly because my computer would not download any pics..... but finally I have had it fixed, So here are some pics of the family since christmas. ( obviously this one is before we got
Bath time.... Hunter loves his bath

And loves bubbles

And eating snow..... I really have to watch him becuase at every opportunity he is trying to eat snow... at least this was after a fresh snow fall....

the boys building their first snowfort of the year. With slides..
Everyone has been pretty good this winter. Afew ear inefections, a few colds, only a couple of boughts of croup. ( which in most winters Hunter was getting croup about every coupl eof weeks.. )
Hunter is still not sleeping great, but that is really nothing new, he has been crying at night since his fontan. He has had a few echos and everything looks good, so we can't figure it out... he has been crying and saying "ouch, ouch" and grabbing his chest... So yes I have not been sleeping well.. We are wondering if he is having sterum pain ...
But regardless he seems fine. except when he sleeps.
Hunter is scheduled to have his fenestration closed on April 9, 2010. Not really thinking about it, don't need the stress right yet...
Hope everyone is well...... Hopefully It won't be long before I post again...