Friday, October 30, 2009

Well everyone seems to be over that bug. ( which had all the symtoms of H1N1 - but since they are not testing we don't know. ) they had a high fevers, lethargy,cough, chest colds ( kenz ), runny nose, chills, aches, earinfections. ( no runs or vomitting though. ) So I am hoping that is was that and know we have some immunity building up. I don't want anymore of anything for a long long time.

Hunter is doing well, except for his ear infection that seems to still be draining. He has a little cough still but nothing that is bothering him. ( I have kept him home know for a couple of weeks.) Kenzie and Tristian were off a week, and went back this past monday. They are both fine except for a slight runny nose.

Myself, I had a terrible chest cold. But that has passed and know I had fluid in my ear. I mean I can't hear anything in it. They said because there is no infection I just have to wait for it to clear up on its own. Which is fine because it doesn't hurt anymore... BUT I AM DEAF... which may not be such a bad thing some days.

I wish all the other heart moms and their familes well during this season of H1N1. Whether you vaccinate or not, I hope that everyone stays strong.

Talk soon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sick Household

Well as I posted that the kids are fine, and they all get sick. sigh..........

On Friday Tristian had a really high fever. ( 104.8F) so after a trip to the ER.... and the diagnosis of a double ear infection and antibiotics, Tristian is feeling better.
Kenzie has picked up a bug and Hunter too ( but just a fever and a cough ).

I have picked up the head cold going around, so it has been fun. Three kids home sick all Oh well.... Tis the Season.. right???

Other than that there is nothing really new to report.

** In the heart Buddies section ** If you have been keping up to date on the kiddos and their families. Gavin's Mama is having another baby tomorrow.. PLease keep her and Baby Brody in your thoughts and prayers...
Good Luck Faith!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catch UP!!

Wow, What a really busy month this has been. Where do I start ???

Well the kids went back to school, everything went well with
The kittens are growing, and are very fun to have around. Although I think Hunter loves to love them a little too much. He has gotten into trouble a few times by picking them up by the neck.. You think the kittens would run away by now...NOT!

Ok, Sooooo...
When I last posted Hunter was going for an Echo. Well he had one in London , and it was great. His function was great, although there was some narrowing of the PA. But nothing more that he had before. So not really an area of concern. So we don't need to go back to London until Jan.2010.

He had an appoinment in Toronto ( where he had his surgery ). They are really impressed with him. His O2's are running 88 and 89, and sometimes in his sleep he will reach 91. So we don't need to go back until June 2010. Which we will start to look at if his fenestration has closed or if he will need a cath. SO that is great too...

But not everything is good with Hunter... Poor babe.. He had a dental visit before his fontan and he looked ok. But after his surgery I noticed that his front teeth looked different. And sure enough he has cavities and a chip in the front tooth. ( which could have happened when they re-intubated him for the fontan.. sigh.....)

So after another dental visit , this time to a child specialist.. ( and he was so nice. )
Unfortunatley It was really worse than we thought. He doesn't think that filling the cavities and a couple of root canals are really realistic for Hunter ( being a heart babe ). Not worth all the work, and considering the risk of infection is higher with what he needs done..

So what are our options??? It looks like they want to pull all four front teeth.... sigh.....
BUT!!! he doesn't want to do it without putting him out for it.. Sooooooooo, we are getting referred to Toronto. So hopefully, we will find out more soon.

Other than that, Hunter is great. Still not sleeping great .. BUT that is

I think that is it for now. I will update in a while with more pics and more dental details.
But for now, please just keep him in your thoughts and prayers..